Introduction of type of oxygen increasing machine

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Some types of oxygen increasing machines are introduced in the oxygen increasing machine.

Leaf roller oxygen increasing machine

It has the comprehensive action of aeration, water mixing and gas explosion. It is the most widely used aerator at present. The annual output value is about 150 thousand units. Its aeration capacity and power efficiency are better than those of other models, but its running noise is large. It is generally used for pond farming with water depth of more than 1 meters.

Water car type aerator

Has good oxygenation and promote water flow effect, suitable for deep silt, l area 000 ~ 2540 square meters pool.

Jet aerator

Its oxygen increasing efficiency is more than the form of water truck, inflatable, spray, and other forms of oxygen increasing machine, its structure is simple, can form water and stir the water. The efflux oxygen increasing function makes the water body gently increase oxygen, and does not damage the fish body, which is suitable for the use of oxygen increase in the fish pond.

Water jet aerator

It has good oxygenation function. It can rapidly improve the dissolved oxygen content of surface water in a short time, and has artistic appreciation effect. It is suitable for use in fishpond of garden or tourist area.

Inflatable aerator

The deeper the water is, the better it is, and it is suitable for use in deep water.

Inhalation aerator

Through the negative pressure suction, the air is sent into the water and the water is mixed with the water to push the water forward, so the mixing force is strong. The oxygen increasing capacity of the lower water is stronger than that of the blade type aerator, and the oxygen increasing ability of the upper water is slightly inferior to that of the blade type aerator.

Eddy current aerator

It is mainly used for the oxygen increasing of the water under the ice in the north, and the efficiency of increasing oxygen is high.

Oxygen increasing pump

Because of its portability, easy operation and single aeration function, it is generally suitable for fish fry breeding pool or greenhouse aquaculture pond with a water depth below 0.7 meters and an area of less than 0.6 mu.

With the continuous refinement of fishery demand and the continuous improvement of aerator technology, many new aeration machines have appeared, such as surge aerator, spray aerator and so on.

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