The choice of the whirlpool air pump and the fan and how to avoid the maintenance

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To the whirlpool pump, this kind of air pump, I believe that everyone in its familiarity and understanding, is to a certain extent. Therefore, it should be unfamiliar to all of us. Moreover, it is also the site of products and keywords, so below, may wish to continue its study Strike while the iron is hot., work, so, can we consolidate the existing learning effect.

1. whirlpool air pump, its impeller, is the number of blades made up of?

The whirlpool pump, this kind of air pump, is a component of the impeller. Generally, it is made up of ten blades. Therefore, it is in shape, similar to the impeller of a steam turbine. And, the two impeller in the role, is also similar, there is no big difference.

2. whirlpool air pump and fan, how should we choose? In addition, the high pressure whirlpool pump, can it be used in the food factory?

The choice of whirlpool air pump and blower is mainly based on the actual situation. If we want to have high wind pressure, we should choose vortex air pump, but if we want to have large flow volume, we should choose the fan. Besides, high-pressure vortex air pump, a vortex air pump, can be used in the drying of bottle washing machines, so it can be used in food factories, such as beverage factories and breweries.

3. on the whirlpool air pump, how to avoid maintenance?

Whirlpool pump, its maintenance, its specific words, is very troublesome, and in the cost, is higher than the ordinary gas pump. Therefore, the maintenance should be avoided in order to ensure the quality of the whirlpool air pump. As for, how to avoid, is very simple, as long as the maintenance work, and the correct operation of the use of the standard, can achieve this goal.

These problems are related to the whirlpool pump this kind of pump, at the same time, an important product, is also the site of so, given the answer, let us have a correct understanding and understanding, so, even in the practical work, it can take time for and solve smoothly, so as not to affect the normal use of the air pump.

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