Examples of the application of whirlpool air pump and some instructions for operation

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The pump in the pump, I believe we are not unfamiliar, because it is not only a kind of pump, and the main products, or one of its website, so, based on the importance, is to focus on treatment, otherwise, can not have a good learning effect. Underneath, may as well continue this aspect of study, thus, let everyone have progress and breakthrough.

1. whirlpool air pump, what must be paid attention to and know?

The whirlpool pump, this kind of air pump, must be paid attention and know, and if it is summed up, the following are the following:

(1) when the whirlpool pump is placed, it should be stable and firm and can not be tilted. In addition, enough space should be reserved around the air pump to make it well ventilated and dissipated.

(2) the pressure of its work can not exceed the specified allowable range. Because if the working pressure of the swirling air pump is too large, it will make the temperature of the pump abnormal. Then, because the current is too large, the air pump will be damaged or even damaged, so it can not be used normally.

2. whirlpool air pump, can it be used with other equipment? Can it be used for aeration?

Whirlpool Qibeng, which can be used with other equipment, so, for a problem, the answer is yes, that is, it is certainly possible, but in the use of the process, but also need to pay attention to some matters, so be able to avoid some unnecessary problems. And in its specific application, it can be used in aeration, and it can have a good use effect.

3. in cleaning, is it possible to use a high-pressure whirlpool gas pump to be used in conjunction with the cleaning machine?

This problem, in the whirlpool pump manufacturer Wuxi ge - Ling, is completely possible, and, there is no problem. Moreover, using this kind of swirling air pump, we can achieve strong wind drying, so that the product will have good drying effect after cleaning machine is completed, and then it can be successfully followed up.

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